How To Introduce Your Man To Your Family

For most people, the thin line between dating and being in a serious relationship is crossed when either partner introduces the other to his or her parents. So when you mention to your boyfriend that you would want to introduce him to your folks, it shows that you’re trying to integrate him deeper into your life.

However, to successful get through this hurdle and survive it, it is best to take precautionary steps to ensure that your current relationship doesn’t take a turn for the worst.

Never rush the meeting

Introducing a man to your parents is a huge issue in itself. It shows that you are past the dating stage and have moved on to more serious grounds when you start putting parents and family into the equation.

For some guys, this might even give a hint that you may be implying marriage sometime soon. Before you start bringing him over to Thanksgiving, make sure to talk to him about it. If you get the feel that he’s not yet ready, then best hold off the plan until a later date.

Prepare him for what to expect

Each family has a particular quirk that gives them that unique flavor as a unit. Whether you are proud of it or not—although it’s best if you are—you should share some of these quirks with your man.

Give your man a heads up on these to help him prepare himself and even browse up on how he would deal with your family.

Keep it real

First impressions are very important when it comes to meeting the family, and your man may be tempted to show a different face when he’s already in front of your parents.

As much as possible, keep him from doing this. You are there to show them what kind of man their daughter would want to be serious with, and the last thing they’d want is to get to know an entirely different person. When you meet up, make sure that he keeps everything real—from the things he says about himself down to his manners.

It’s okay to be more courteous than he always is, but make sure that the man you and your folks are dining with is really the kind of man he is on a daily basis.

Have a stock of things to topics to talk about

You might think that just because you’re meeting with your parents already equates to a smooth conversation. But you should also consider the possibility that, as they are meeting your man for the first time, they may not be as open as you originally thought.

Make sure that you already have a checklist of what you would want to talk about, and this should include your relationship. Remember, the main reason why you are trying to introduce your man is that you want your family to see him as someone whom you may be planning a serious future with.

Always have a Plan B

While things could go for the best—your father may actually approve of him instead of your worst fears—there is also that big possibility that things can go downhill.

He might make an unwelcome comment about your mother’s cooking or unforeseeable events like your siblings’ untimely squabble, and these could lead to a very awkward or worse atmosphere over lunch.

The next meeting

If all goes well, you’ll probably receive the confirmation when your parents invite him out to another occasion or a family gathering or when your mom gives you the look that says you’ve found the right guy.